Solo, Galerie VIVID              

Galerie Vivid is proud to present the first solo exhibition of the Rotterdam-based designer Tijmen Smeulders. After graduating cum laude from Eindhoven Design Academy in December 2013, Tijmen Smeulders set up his studio in 2014. Smeulders’ principal aim is to offer new perspectives on products for everyday use; challenging our assumptions in terms of both materiality and functionality. His method of work typically involves a concentrated period of research into the fundamental elements of any given product. This means rigorously questioning and experimenting with an array of features including colour, texture, shape, material, size and function. Eventually, it transpires that there is always an inherent logic and reason for using these elements ― it’s about how they relate to, and mutually enhance, each other’s presence. It is always crucial to understand the material characteristics and the corresponding production methodology in order to reach a meaningful application. Smeulders’ collaborations with craftspeople and industrial producers are always an integral part of the process. This ongoing dialogue is a quest to share knowledge and push the boundaries of design.
May 12 - July 21, 2019
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