Small Wonders, Rijksmuseum

At Aldo Bakker Studio we have worked on the scenography for Small Wonders, an exhibition at the Rijksmuseum about Late Gothic boxwood micro-carvings from the Low Countries. The exhibition has been curated by Frits Scholten and displayed over 60 examples of miniature sculptures in the form of prayer beads, altarpieces, rosaries, statuettes and other types. The collaborative work included the design of four spaces; the overall layout, color schemes, pedestals, display cases, object supports and lighting.
Commission: Rijksmuseum 
Dimensions: App. 500 m2
Curator: Frits Scholten
Exhibition design: Aldo Bakker & Tijmen Smeulders
Graphic design: Irma Boom
Production: Fiction Factory
Photography: Erik & Petra Hesmerg

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