C/T, Hataman Touen                         

C/T (Container/Table) provides a space to contain and a surface to use. Through the use of material, dimensions and surface treatment, the multifunctional piece explores how we perceive functionality. Handmade by master craftsmen Shigenori Nagotomo in Arita, Japan, the relatively large volume challenges the limits of what is physically and technically possible. The process was guided by Hataman Touen's Shūji Hataishi, who also finished the bisque-ware with sprayed pigments. The shape influences the flow of the pigment particles as they find their way to the white Amakusa clay body, resulting in a lively surface with colour of varying intensities.

Production: Hataman Touen and master craftsman Shigenori Nagotomo
Material: Porcelain and pigments
Size: ø400 x H400 mm
Year: 2017

Made possible by Creative Industries Fund, NL
Acquired by Princessehof National Museum of Ceramics

© Studio Tijmen Smeulders