MB02, Galerie Vivid

Three profiles slide into each other ― once together, they deliver the function of a bench. The vertical panel creates height and is positioned between two concave horizontals, which function as the foot and seat. The design allows for the use of a wide selection of materials and dimensions. In this instance, the long profiles and large surfaces provide ample space for showcasing the impressive veining of marble.

MB01 & MB02 were commissioned by Galerie VIVID and have been shown at Design Miami/Basel and Object Rotterdam, among others. Production takes place in The Netherlands, with the CNC-milled parts finished manually.

Commission: Galerie VIVID
Production: Jan Reek Natuursteen
Material: Carrara Marble
Size: L1400 x W250 x H450 mm
Edition: Eight plus two A.P.
Year: 2018/2019

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